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You probably already use a pricing tool, but do you have a proven system for getting the most profit from your portfolio of listings?

Do you know exactly what data to pay attention to & which changes to make?

Or is sophisticated revenue management falling through the cracks because of everything else on your plate?

STR & Vacation Rental Owners…

Not so long ago, I was where you might be now—overwhelmed, underperforming, and stuck in an endless cycle of managing short-term rentals with too little to show for it. I was drowning in details, unable to focus on what actually mattered: growing the company and maximizing returns.

A Transformation STARTS

Determined to turn the tide, I set out to master revenue management. It was a path filled with trial and error, but I slowly peeled back the layers of complexity. I studied the dynamic pricing, market analysis, and demand forecasting, gradually transitioning from confusion to clarity and control.

Freewyld: Proving Our Process

That journey has led to Freewyld, our own brand of vacation cabins. Initially, it was just four outdated cabins in Idyllwild. However, it now generates RevPAR 141% higher than the market average. We have maintained a 32% higher occupancy rate while commanding higher Average Daily Rates (ADRs). And it’s not just us—I work daily with clients who’ve seen incredible results, too.

Now, I want to share our system with you. I specialize in revenue management for portfolios that generate between $1M and $3M annually. Imagine watching your revenue grow, your occupancy rates soar, and your business thrives while you focus on the bigger picture of scaling & expanding.

With this service, it isn’t just a possibility—it’s a promise.

Don’t let another day pass where you leave money on the table. Apply to work together today.


Jasper Ribbers


P.S. I have availability for only 4 new revenue management clients. After that, this offer will close so that I can focus on generating incredible results!

Proven Process. Proven Results.

Sleep Soundly

We’re in your listings every day, tweaking and tuning, so you can rest easy and focus on what you love. Say hello to maximized revenue, without lifting a finger.

Clear Condfidence

Enjoy clear, constant communication with weekly strategy calls and regular updates. We’re here to demystify the process, making sure you feel informed and involved at every step.

Lead Boldly

Dominate your market. We don’t just set prices; we make sure your properties are always the top choice for guests, leading to unmatched occupancy and earnings.

Case Study

Freewyld’s innovative Revenue Management is a key factor in being able to command market-leading rates.

Idyllwild Market

RevPAR: $82
ADR: $215
Occupancy: 42%

Freewyld Cabins

RevPAR: $288
ADR: $197
Occupancy: 70%

More Results

I’m starting to see some amazing results, my booked revenue for my properties in January was up 75% compared to last year and my ADR is up 23%.

Mike Savage

Synergy Stays

I’m getting booked for more than I thought was possible, my ADR last month was up 40% compared to last year.

Josh Franks

Stanley Stays

I learned more from Jasper on 1 call than in the three years that I’ve used Pricelabs.

Troy Daily

Elevated Vacation Rentals

Before, I was making blind price adjustments. Now the scales have been lifted from my eyes and I understand how to do it. 

Nyle Mameesh

Airbnb Superhost

Steps to Increase Your Revenue

⚡️ Property Analysis

Start by completing the application linked on this page. If we identify missed revenue opportunities, we’ll reach out to schedule a call to talk about working together.

🤓 In-Depth Onboarding

A 4-hour deep-dive session to align our strategies with your goals and set clear benchmarks for success.

📈 Daily Dynamic Pricing Management

We’ll fine-tune your listings’ pricing based on real-time market data every day, optimizing for maximum revenue and occupancy.

📲 Weekly Strategy Calls

Engage in productive discussions about performance, market trends, and tactical adjustments with our experts.

📊 Monthly Revenue Reports

Receive detailed reports with KPIs, market comparisons, and year-over-year analyses, ensuring transparency and continuous improvement.

🔑 Guaranteed Results

We’re so confident in our process that we offer an unmatched guarantee: Experience noticeable growth in your revenue within the first 90 days, or we work for free until those results are achieved.

How much more could your properties be making?

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About Jasper Ribbers, Your Revenue Manager

After leaving a lucrative finance career, Jasper became wildly successful with his own short-term rental empire. He has since taught thousands how to do the same and literally wrote the book on the industry, “Get Paid for Your Pad,” which Airbnb founder and CEO Brian Chesky has acknowledged as a definitive source in the STR space. He leads revenue management at Freewyld and for clients worldwide.

Questions & Answers

What kind of properties is this for?

We specialize in short-term rental portfolios with a top-line revenue of $1M to $3M. Our services are best suited for properties with consistent performance throughout the year, as we focus on maximizing profitability and occupancy for businesses not heavily reliant on seasonal fluctuations.

How much time will it take to see results?

While every property is unique, clients typically begin to see tangible improvements in their revenue within the first 90 days of partnering with us. Our initial deep-dive and continuous optimization ensure that your property is always positioned for maximum earnings.

How much does it cost?

We believe in growing with our clients. Our fee structures are designed to align our success with yours. We don’t make money unless you do, ensuring that our goals are perfectly aligned with increasing your property’s revenue. 

What makes this different from other options?

We set ourselves apart with a blend of personalized service, in-depth market analysis, and a commitment to your property’s growth. Our unique approach combines the latest in revenue management technology with the human touch of our experienced team, ensuring that your property exceeds market expectations.

How involved do I need to be?

Your involvement can be as hands-on or hands-off as you prefer. After our initial onboarding and strategy sessions, we take care of the day-to-day management and optimization of your pricing and occupancy. We do, however, value your insights and encourage regular check-ins to discuss performance, strategies, and adjustments.

Can you help if my business is below the $1M mark?

If your business is close to $1M in annual revenue and demonstrates potential for growth, we encourage you to reach out. Our goal is to propel ambitious properties to $1M and beyond,

What if my business already exceeds $3M in revenue?

Businesses like yours often have in-house revenue management teams or complex needs that might require a different approach. However, we’re open to talking about how our services could complement your existing strategies and help scale your success further.

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